Who are you?
This service is bought to you by Weather-Call www.weather-call.com in conjunction with WeatherNet, a subsidiary of Cunningham Lindsey Eire www.cl-ie.com.

Who are the forecasts designed for?
The forecasts are extremely simple and intuitive to view and understand. Their level of detail and precision makes them ideal for agricultural, environmental, construction and retail applications. They are also perfect for planning outdoor events, leisure and for use by the general public.

Why are your forecasts superior to others that I can find on the web?

  • We combine our unique forecasting expertise for Ireland and the latest computer models to produce the most accurate and reliable forecasts available. The entire forecast is updated 4 times each day.
  • The forecast is for 16 days ahead. An outlook for a further 9 months ahead is also provided.
  • We forecast a comprehensive set of variables including rainfall (amount and likelihood), temperature (maximum and minimum), wind (speed and direction), cloud cover and many others.
  • We provide an overview for each day for each variable, you can “drill down” to study the forecast in detail for any 3 hour period out to 8 days - and also animate the sequence!

How often is the forecast updated?
The forecast is published around 0600 each morning then updated 3 more times during the course of the day. We produce forecasts 365 days per year, 7 days a week.

How accurate are the forecasts?
Forecasts for up to 3 days ahead prove on average to be correct 85-90% of the time. Forecast accuracy inevitably declines beyond 4-5 days on account of the chaotic nature of the atmosphere, but we can demonstrate significant skill for up to 16 days ahead. The 9 month forecast is designed to predict general seasonal trends, but with a lower degree of confidence.

Are subs refundable?
No - once you have elected to subscribe (for 1 or 6 months), there is no option to cancel mid-term.

What happens when my subscription expires?
You will be reminded 1 week before your current subs expires - and invited to renew. No further payments will be taken without your express instructions to renew.

Can I share my logon details with friends?
Yes, but it is not intended or advisable. You are restricted to 100 logons in any period of 1 month.

Do you provide other weather services?
Please see www.weather-call.com for details of our comprehensive set of recorded message, mobile, fax and live forecaster services. If you require historic data, UK or international forecasts or data, please contact us info@weathernet.ie.